Can Precum Get You Pregnant

You can get pregnant by pre-cum but the likely-hood of you being pregnant is pretty low. It does happen sperm can live outside the body for 24hrs but chances are small that you got pregnant. Also here is an article for chances of getting pregnant from precum.

Now the question: Odds of getting pregnant without intercourse?

OK, here’s one for you; what if the condom broke but there was no ejaculation inside of it? We both heard it break and stopped immediately…. Here is some thinking:

1. Sperm can only survive in the right environment. That being surrounded by vaginal/cervical mucus. So since it only got ON you, & not IN you, you should not worry.

2. You period is probably later than normal because of all the stress you have assumably been under due to worrying about whether or not you may be pregnant. Periods are funny things, they can change at the drop of a hat depending on your current physical & emotional health.

3. How old are you? I am 33. When I was in my early to mid teens, I would go through the entire summer without getting my period. So if you are still young, that may be the case for you too. It is not uncommon for women to miss a period or just be really late even though they are not pregnant. Remember that your body reacts to what your mind is going through.

No worries girl! I am sure you are safe. One word of advice though. If you are not sexually active with your B/F right now, and choose to keep it that way, keep the “fooling around” with your cloths on. You never know when you may decide, “in the heat of the moment,” to take things one step farther. Having your cloths on will make it more difficult to go further & hopefully will curb the urge…

The bottom

Sperm doesn’t live outside the body very long so if you are, and low count of sperm is not a good thing for men there might be a case of brown semen some time. I feel for you. As far as the condom breaking thing,you can get pregnant if there was any pre-ejaculate that contained sperm.