Does Drinking Coffee help Build up self Confidence

There are coffee lovers in every corner of the known world. People sip while socializing, gulp on the way to work and drink with desserts after a fine meal. For some of these connoisseurs, coffee is more than a mere beverage, it is a lifestyle. 

Most people are aware of coffee boosting energy levels and allowing a person to focus, what they may not know is that it may also boost self-confidence. 

Social aspect

People who drink coffee seem more social when they have a fresh cup in hand. Think about local coffeehouses and even restaurants; people who have a cup of coffee in front of them are often talking and laughing with people at their own table or tables nearby. Whether it is the caffeine causing this burst of sociability or just a nice atmosphere, places that serve coffee often attract sociable groups of people.

One thing that noteworthy, people who sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee seem more approachable than people drinking something else. What does this have to do with self-confidence? The answer is plenty; people who are lacking in self-confidence rarely will be brave enough to strike up a conversation with a stranger. 


People joke about not being able to face another workday without their morning coffee. This may be said in a joking manner, however it could have a deeper meaning than they even realize. Consider how you feel when you first stumble into the kitchen for that first cup of coffee. You are probably tired, unable to form complete sentences yet and maybe a little uncoordinated. How do you feel after that first cup? A little more awake, more focused and able to see straight? Perhaps you are able to talk to someone without being grouchy. Now you begin to get ready for work, to include pouring that precious second cup of coffee in your travel mug.

By the time you walk into your workplace, you are probably wide awake and ready to tackle your job duties. To say that coffee makes you happy to be at work is probably not true, but you are more confident in your ability to get your job done. Think about your coworkers and even your managers/boss, how many of them drink coffee throughout the day? Take note of how many people pour a cup of coffee before beginning a new project or heading into a meeting. Why do they do that? Possibly because it boosts their self-confidence. 

It is not being suggested that everyone should drink coffee to build up their self-confidence. Coffee/caffeine does not agree with everyone or react with people the same way. The confidence boosting statements are based on people that enjoy drinking coffee and do it on a regular basis. 

There do not seem to be many self-conscious coffee drinkers out there. If you drink coffee, you are probably not a wall flower. This is not to say that coffee drinkers are loud and obnoxious, just that they are more comfortable in their own skin.