Double Chin Exercises

A double chin is one of those things that nobody wants. They’re bad for your self esteem and just plain unsightly. Anyone who has a double chin quite simply wishes that they could get rid of it.

Just what causes this fat anyways? Well, double chins are fat deposits – the body sometimes will store excess fat there. For many people the chin area is the first place their body stores fat. Understanding this makes it a little less frustrating; after all, one can simply lose weight and exercise in an effort to rid oneself of this unattractive problem. There are a few methods you can use to get rid of a double chin; one of which is doing exercises. Here are a few of those double chin exercises which can help you get your old single chin back.

First, some simple anti double chin tips:

Remember good posture! Keeping proper posture will both make the muscles in your chin stronger and make any double chin exercises you do more effective.
Tilt your head back (very slightly, not so far as to create discomfort) while sleeping – do this when you lay down to sleep. This will also stretch and strengthen the muscles in your chin.

4 Double Chin Exercises To Try:

1) While sitting upright, tilt back you head as far as you can. Then open and close your mouth – you should feel your chin muscles stretching as you do so.
2) Stand in a comfortable position, keeping your head at a natural angle. Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue out as far as you can. Count to ten and then relax. Do this as many times as you can without discomfort.
3) Stand in a comfortable position, holding your head at a natural angle. Pull your chin upwards until you feel your chin muscles stretching. Count to ten and relax. Build to ten repetitions of this.
4) Stand in a comfortable position and slowly raise your head from your chest, tilting it back as far as you can; be sure not to strain yourself. Close your mouth tightly – you should feel your neck muscles stretch. Count to ten and then relax, bringing your head back to its starting position. Start by doing this exercise just once or twice a day and then gradually increase until you are doing this exercise ten times a day.

All of these exercises can be helpful in getting rid of your double chin; however, not all of these chin exercises will work equally well for everyone. If you have too much extra fat simply exercising won’t show a big difference. You muscles will get stronger and tighter but they will still be hidden under a layer of fat. Check out our post on losing weight to lose a double chin for a great solution to this problem.

For others simply doing double chin exercises alone won’t work because the skin has become stretched. If you are one of those people, or you simply don’t have time to do these exercises all day there is a solution for you that works wonders.

The Velform chin wrap system reduces and eliminates double chins. It’s a quick and easy system that gets results fast. If you are at your wits end trying to get rid of your double chin, this might just be the remedy that lets you wave goodbye to your double chin for good.