Easy apple pie recipes that are outside of the box

There is more to the fall season than pumpkin everything. The alternative for the anti-pumpkin person is the delicious taste of homemade apple pies. Rather than purchasing a store bought pie from the local grocery store, consider baking one at home. To surprise visitors, consider baking a nontraditional apple pie.

There are a wide variety of easy apple pie recipes that a person can bake right from home without spending the entire day in the kitchen. This will give more quality time to visit with family, relatives or guest(s) who has come in for a special occasion.

Step outside the box with nontraditional apple pie recipes and give everyone a treat to be enjoyed for dessert or during morning brunch. With easy apple pie ideas such as apple pie pockets, miniature apple pies and a delicious apple pie smoothie for the kids.

Easy apple pie pockets

Apple pie pockets are a great nontraditional apple pie idea that both children and adults will love. These easy treats only call for a few ingredients from the grocery store. This apple pie recipe is the perfect way for children to get involved with the baking this year. The hyper link provided will give exact directions on how to create these tasty treats.

If people are more partial to a certain type of apple, feel free to swap the type of apples used for each set of eight servings. Depending on how many guests are visiting, it cannot hurt to make more than one batch of eight. Another way to alternate this recipe is by creating your own homemade pie crust. This might take a bit more time, but some prefer the taste of homemade crust compared to store bought. Martha Stewart provides a wonderful easy homemade pie crust recipe.

Miniature apple pies

Much like a normal sized apple pie, a miniature version can be a hit at any dinner party or for a special dessert. The miniature apple pie calls for quite less ingredients. has a wonderful easy to follow recipe that creates 20 miniature apple pies. If there are going to be more then 20 people at the event, there is a form to alter the ingredients to meet the need for a recipe.

Apple pie smoothie

Instead of baking an apple pie try something out of the box such as an apple pie smoothie. This recipe does not require any bread and is a very healthy alternative during the holiday season or anytime of the year.

With only a few ingredients needed this is a great healthy snack that can be eaten at any time of the day. All that is needed for this apple smoothie are; apples, brown sugar for taste, low fat yogurt (Greek if preferred), ice and of course apple pie spice. The simple apple pie smoothie recipe from Vitamix gives great easy to follow directions.

With the above mentioned alternative apple pie recipes the spirit of fall and the delicious taste of apples will be strong in the home. Bake a tasty treat any time of the year with these delicious alternative apple pie recipes.