White Creamy Discharge Sign of Pregnancy

Having a white creamy discharge during ovulation may really signify that you are pregnant. You have to check with your doctor to confirm if you are really pregnant.

Vaginal discharge is common throughout the monthly cycle and any changes to it may actually indicate that you are pregnant. In some cases, white creamy discharge can be heavy during ovulation. If you observed these changes, it may really signify that you are conceiving.

White creamy discharge sign of pregnancy

  • Leukorrhea: In early pregnancy, the body may excrete a white creamy discharge known as leucorrhea. At first, it may be very difficult to distinguish if what you have is normal mucus but with right observation, you may distinguish it. According to American Pregnancy Association, leucorrhea is characterized as milky and thin discharge. The discharge may also have mild odor. But you do not have to worry about it especially if you observed it with other signs of pregnancy like mild cramping, and breast tenderness. You may have yourself checked for pregnancy test to confirm if you are pregnant. If you believed that you are pregnant, do not douche, avoid any treatments for yeast infection and do not use tampons.
  • Causes: Estrogen may increase the flow of blood to the pelvis area and it can also stimulate the mucus membrane during pregnancy.
  • What you have to know about leukorrhea: Leukorrhea may appear as vaginal discharge that you may observed between periods though leucorrhea may appear heavier. However, the discharge may continue until the next few months.
  • What to do about discharge: When you observed that you have white creamy discharge, you may wear pads and even panty liners if you feel any discomfort. You may also keep clean and dry to prevent any unpleasant odors. Do not douche since douching can upset the natural chemistry in the vagina and may result to any vaginal infections. Likewise, douching can force air to the vagina, which can be dangerous. Avoid washes and wipes since it can also cause irritation.


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